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Report a Find: Important instructions

We will endeavour to respond to your reported find as quickly as possible if you complete the 'Your Details' section of the form. Do not feel you have to answer all the questions, if they are not relevant to the object(s).

If you are able to send or email any photographs, sketches or documents related to the find(s) this would greatly help our research. Accompanying information about any photographs or documents that you send us such as photographer's or author's details, dates and locations would also be welcome. Please clearly indicate whether you would like any photographs or documents returned and whether we may copy them for research purposes.

Reporting other concealed object finds

If you have found a concealed object that isn't a textile or garment you can still report it to us via the form below and we will pass it on to other researchers in the field.

A note for museum and heritage organisations

Any documentation you can provide from your collections management system on the find would be very useful. If we are able to document your find on our database we would like to include the accession number as part of its details. Any confidential information contained in the documentation will not be divulged.

How to report the find(s)

You can report your find in any of the following ways:-

1. Use the online form below and submit your information directly.

2. Print the form, fill in your information and post or fax it to us using our contact details. Or, if you prefer you can save the form for future use.

How to save the form

1. Click on the link of the format you require (you will see them below).
2. The form will appear in your web browser.
3. On the menu bar of your browser go to 'File' > 'Save as' and then save the file in the directory of your choice on your computer.
4. OR you can right click on the link and go to 'Save as' and save the file in the appropriate directory on your computer.

It is available in the following formats:-

Richtext (.rtf file - Wordpad format)
Text only (.txt file - Any text editor e.g. Notepad)
PDF (.pdf file - You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Logo: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

3. If you save the form as described above you can fill it in using any text editor (NOTE: you cannot edit the PDF version) and attach it to an email addressed to us

4. Copy and paste the text-only version of the form into a new email and fill in your information, then send it to us at

Our contact details

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Last updated: 13 August, 2002

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