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Site Map

This site map is an annotated contents page of the different sections and pages of this website and shows the way they relate to each other. It gives details of what you can expect to find in a section and a direct link to that section.

The link will take you to the relevant section being described. You can also see the page reference (URL) of that page e.g. .../information/about.html denotes the graphical version of the 'About the project' page in the Information section. The full address of the page being: https://concealedgarments.org/information/about.html.

Every individual page has not been included but you should be able to find your way to any page on this site with ease from this site map.


This is the front screen of the website and enables you to enter either 'The Project' section or the 'Search and Explore' section directly for future visits. There are text link alternatives at the top of the screen.


The Home page comprises a brief introduction to the website's structure and content.

New additions to the site are also cited on the Home page. You can also see the date that the website was last updated.

Repeat Visit

The Repeat Visit page allows you direct access to any section of this website. Use it when you make repeat visits and want to return to a particular section of the site.

Accessing this website

Details of the site's design, format and accessibility features.

Important copyright information

Statement of copyright of this website.


A page dedicated to those who have enabled, helped and advised on the project.


The information resources section contains written pieces and illustrations on various aspects of deliberately concealed garments. It also comprises advice, reporting and enquiries facilities.

This link takes you to 'About the project', the starting point for the Information section of the site.

About the project

A list of questions that are/might be most frequently asked by those who are new to the idea of concealed objects and/or new to the project. Each question is a hyper-link to a brief explanation, e.g. what is a deliberately concealed garment?


An introduction to the research activities of the project.

Articles presented in this section analyse and survey various themes related to the concealment of garments, ranging from ritual protection to dress history.

Case studies
This section comprises various case studies based on caches or individual garments that have been found and documented. As more research is undertaken on garments, the findings will be disseminated through case studies in this section.

Oral history
This section presents the results of the oral history programme being conducted as part of the project. Individual interviews with various people related to the subject, e.g. conservators, finders and researchers, are presented here.

Glossary of terms
The glossary is intended to help non-specialists get more familiar with the technical terms used to describe garments.

Useful resources
This is a free-style section containing links to resources that may be useful for individual research on related topics.

Further reading

A bibliography of articles and books on related topics.


This page offers crucial advice to individuals and organisations that have found or are looking after concealed garments. It gives information about storage and handling and links to find professional help.


A form that will enable you to make enquiries about current research and make suggestions for future research, or contributions to the research project.


A listing of organisations, individuals, websites associated with the project.

Submit a link
An opportunity for anyone who feels they would like to be associated with the project and/or website to submit information about their expertise, organisation or website.

Site Map

A brief index and explanation of the sections that comrpise this site. Not all pages have been included individually but you should be able to get to the
page you are after through its section heading. You are on the Site Map page now.

Contact Us

This section provides postal/email/telephone/fax contact details plus links to forms you can use to contact us about various aspects of the project and website.

Report a find
Use this form to send us information about concealed garment and associated finds.

Enquiries about the project
Use this form to submit enquiries about the project.

Submit a link
Use this form to submit a link to your organisation/project/website.

Comment about this website
Use this form to send us comments about this website e.g. problems encountered accessing this site, suggestions, praise, content, etc.

Report a Find

You can access this section from any page on the website.

Use this form to send us information about concealed garments and associated finds that you have discovered or know of.

Search and Explore


This is the front screen of the 'Search and Explore' section of the website from where you can begin a guided tour or start searching. You can also link
back to 'The Project' section from this page and access the 'Tips for searching' page which you are recommended to read before your first visit.

There are text link alternatives at the top of the screen.

Tips for searching

Read this page before you start searching and exploring for hints and tips for
successful results.

Guided tour

Follow a trail of garment caches from around the country.

Simple search

Perform a quick search on any keyword or phrase.

Advanced search

Perform an advanced search where you can enter more detailed search criteria.

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