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Shoe and Patten fragment
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This single shoe and patten fragment were found together in the second cache at the Harber's Lawshall home. The shoe has a leather upper and sole and would have been worn by a woman on the right foot. The left shoe was not found in the cache. The patten fragment is made of wood. The shoe and patten fragment are in a poor condition, both are covered in a layer of dust and dirt likely to have built up during concealment. The patten fragment has been damaged by wood worm. The leather from which the shoe is made is worn, hardened and deformed; this damage is the result of wear and tear before the shoe was concealed and the conditions of its concealment. ----- This Cache represents the second group of concealed artefacts that Mr and Mrs Harber found at their property in Lawshall, Suffolk. The house was originally a farm dwelling and is thought to date from between 1520 and 1550. Paula Harber discovered the cache in 2001, when cleaning out dust and dirt from the side of the ground floor chimney stack, on the north side of the building. Over a period of three hours she discovered ten objects; six fragments of fabric, a row of pewter buttons on a coat edge, a leather shoe, part of a wooden patten and a piece of moulded oak timber beading. The objects from the two caches found in the Harber's home are kept together in a box. The Harbers run courses on the care and repair of timber-framed buildings from their home and use the two caches to demonstrate the type of object people may find concealed in buildings. For more information about the courses run by the Harbers send an e-mail to: [email protected]
Date made
18th Century
Medium and materials
leather -animal material wood -plant material
Lawshall Cache 2
Object Type
Concealed Garments
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