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This section presents some concealed garment case studies and highlights the range of different things you can learn from these finds.

The Lawshall Caches

Paula and Barry Harber have found two groups of objects concealed in their home in Lawshall, Suffolk. Their house dates from the early 16th century. The first group of objects, found in 2000, consisted of nails, knives, blades, the corner of a book cover, a dressmaking pin and a shoe blackie. The second group of objects was found in 2001. This cache comprised a pewter button, several pieces of material with hand stitching, a leather shoe, a row of buttons on a coat edge, a wooden patten, and a moulded piece of oak timber beading. Continue reading

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The Reigate Cache

How and where was the Reigate cache discovered? Left: The Reigate doublet in a purpose made mount and a replica now displayed at J. Stoneman and Sons showroom The Reigate cache of two concealed objects was discovered in 1990, in … Continue reading

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