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Hat; Early 20th Century; CG14
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This man's hat dates from the early 20th century. It is made of brown wool felt. Two edges of the brim are edged with brown, cotton, gros-grain braid. A wider piece of the same braid is used to trim the crown. The diametre of the hat is approximately 30 cm. The hat is in a poor condition, the crown has been crushed and the brim is curled upwards along two sides. A layer of particulate dust and dirt covers the whole artefact. ----- This hat was found in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, in 2001. The discovery was made by a builder, while work was being undertaken to create a new gallery space for the 20th Century art collection. The hat was concealed under the ground floor. The Museum building dates to between 1880 and 1885 when the City Art Gallery was founded. The gallery originally shared its premises with the Gas and Water Departments of the local council. The area in which the hat was found was used by the Gas Department until 1911. In 1911 the building was extended and the offices were taken over by the Water Department. The hat may have been concealed when this extension to the building was being constructed. The hat has been retained by the museum following its discovery, but is not currently on display.
Date made
Early 20th Century
Diameter 304.8mm (1')
Birmingham Cache
Object Type
Concealed Garments
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