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Collar; Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century; CG15
About this object
This collar was part of a child's sailors suit, it was cut or torn from the rest of the garment prior to concealment. It is thought to date from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The piece is composed of three layers of fabric; an outer layer of fine, blue, twill weave, wool, an interlining of black, gauze weave, cotton and the lining is made from blue, plain weave, cotton. The outer wool layer is trimmed with concentric rectangles of machine made, white, cotton, braid. The outer rectangle is formed of four lines of braid and the inner rectangle of three lines. The braid has been attached with machine stitching; the stitches go through all three layers of fabric. At each corner the braid is looped and stands proud of the surface of the fabric. The collar is in a poor, but stable condition. Areas of the outer wool fabirc have been eaten by moths, creating a large number of small holes. Both sides of the piece are covered in a layer of particulate dust and dirt and there are some areas of soiling. All three layers of fabric are frayed where the collar was cut away from the rest of the garment. ----- This collar was found in a pre 1850, rural farm dwelling in Caputh, Perthshire. It was discovered in 1993 whilst renovation work was being undertaken. The piece was concealed in a wall, close to a south facing window. No other artefacts were found with it.
Date made
Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century
Medium and materials
wool (textile) cotton (textile)
Caputh Cache
Object Type
Concealed Garments
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