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Screen resolution

The text-only pages can be viewed on displays with smaller resolutions and text-only browsers, even on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

This website was successfully viewed on a Palm M105.

The graphical version has been designed to be viewed on a monitor displaying 800x600 pixel screen resolution or higher.


The website has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer v. 5 and up, Netscape Navigator v. 6 and up and, Lynx (text-only) browsers. We have not been able to test this website on many types and versions of browsers so we would be grateful for any feedback you may have about viewing in other browsers. There are problems with the CSS driven graphical version of the site in Netscape 4.6. Please use the text only version if accessing the website with this browser

Assistive technologies

We intend to be able to test this site with those who use assistive technologies such as braille readers and voice encoders. We would be gald to hear from you of you have used this website with assistive technologies.

Accessibility approved

'The Project' section of this website complies with Priority 1 standards of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C Conformance Level "A") and is Bobby Approved v.3.2. It has also been successfully Lynx Inspected, i.e. you should be able to view this website successfully using a text-only browser such as Lynx.

Design and navigation

The graphical version of this website has been designed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), layers, HTML 4.0 and some JavaScript rollovers. The text-only pages are entirely written in HTML and do not use CSS.

All text links to other pages on this site or to external websites are underlined. No other text is underlined.

You can switch to the text-only version of each page (in 'The Project' section only) by clicking on TEXT ONLY at the top left of the screen.

Colouring and fonts

The graphical version of 'The Project' section uses dark brown text (#330000) on a white (#FFFFFF) background. The text-only version is mid brown text (#660000) on a cream (#FFFFCC) background. You can change the background colour of the page in the text-only version. The 'Search and Explore' section comprising the database uses dark brown text (#330000) on a peanut coloured background (#FFCC66). If you would like to see an option for users to change the background colour of the page on the other parts of this site, or are finding it difficult to read the text of view the images please get in touch with us.

Verdana and Arial fonts are used throughout, defaulting to a sans serif font if these are not present on your system. All fonts are set in 'point' units.

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Last updated: 21 August, 2002


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