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What can you expect from the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project Website?

Every effort has been made to make the information on this website as accessible as possible.

Accessing this website: This page gives information about the accessibility levels of this website and also gives technical details about the design and layout of the site for your reference.

The Project: A resource area that will make available research and background information, together with a reporting, enquiries and advice service.

Repeat visit? : A page that enables you to quickly get to any section of this website. There is a link to the Repeat Visit page at the top right of the screen.

Search and Explore: A searchable database, storing information and images of all the reported deliberately concealed garments and related objects.

Copyright information: The statement of copyright of material in this website.

Acknowledgements: The project team have benefited from the advice and contributions of many people and organisations.

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Last updated: 21 August, 2002


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