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The Harvard referencing system

The Textile Conservation Centre uses the Harvard system of referencing.

References to books will display the author's surname or authors' surnames and initials in bold and the title of the work in bold. The date of publication appears after the author's name. The place of publication and the publishing house appears at the end of the reference, e.g. London: Routledge.

References to articles in books and journals or to extracts from books will display the page numbers at the end of the reference. The title of the article is cited after the date of publication (date is after the author's name) and the name of the journal or name of the book appears in bold. Volume and issue numbers for
journals and magazines are cited after the journal title, e.g. 4(1) pertains to issue 1 of volume 4. Where possible the fullest details are given for magazine and journal references.

If articles are available on this website it can be found in the Research section under Articles. The title of the arictle is also linked directly to it. Where articles are available elsewhere online, the link is given.

Any comments about the work follows the reference in italics.

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Last updated: 21 August, 2002


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